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Rebecca Aguiar

Rebecca Aguiar


Hi! I’m Rebecca and I’m from Brazil :)

I have been living in multiple countries as a missionary for these last few months, such as Papua New Guinea and Central Asia. And now the Lord is moving me towards joining YWAM Amsterdam.

I did my DTS in January 2023 and in one of our prayer sets the Lord gave me a prophetic vision for the Red Light District, in which the red lights turned white. God started speaking to me how He wants to purify De Wallen and use those windows to shine a white light for the whole city. I really believe that the Red Light District in Amsterdam will no longer be known as a place of sin and brokenness, but a welcoming place to the Lord.

So for the next months I’ll be joining the prayer and worship team in the house of prayer in the Red Light District. The Tabernacle is the first step towards the vision God showed me. Our purpose is to minister to the Lord, to spend time in His presence, to create a dwelling place where He is worshipped amidst the spiritual atmosphere of the Red Light district.

I truly believe in the power of prayer and worship. I’ve seen the Lord answering multiple prayers prayed in times of intercession and I’ve seen people getting touched and deciding to follow Jesus just by being around when we were doing open air worship. Prayer and worship do change the atmosphere and that’s what we are believing for the Red Light District.

As I go to Amsterdam these next couple months, I’m considering if I will join their staff and be part of the prayer and worship team for the next 3 years. For that I’m hoping that God will open doors in terms of visas and finances.

I would feel extremely honored if you would prayerfully consider partnering with me in prayer and financially for this next season.

If you have any questions I would love to talk to you through text or phone call.

With much love,

Rebecca <3

phone number: +55 11 976479078


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