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Q Family

Q Family


My name is Yass, married to Jess and we have a son named Levi.

I was born in North Africa and from a muslim background. My life was radically changed when I met the Messiah Jesus in Turkey through a team from YWAM. I had a strong call from the Lord over my life to be in missions so I served with YWAM in Turkey as a volunteer for almost two years, then I did my Discipleship Training School in Egypt at the end 2019 and beginning of 2020. In Turkey I met my wife who was a missionary kid and who served with YWAM as well for a few years.

In my DTS, the Lord lead me clearly to go work between Spain and North Africa to bring reconciliation and make a way for God's Kingdom to reach my people.

In August of 2021 my wife and I joined the YWAM North Africa centre in Southern Spain. We are currently working on reaching and discipling North Africans in Spain, equipping workers that are going to North Africa for long or short term missions, training and also going on a couple of trips a year to the region in North Africa to encourage and equip the local Church and to serve the long term workers.

We invite you to be part of what the Lord is doing in North Africa and Southern Spain by sowing a seed in our ministry and by joining our financial support team.

Q family

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