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Paul West

Paul West


In 2001, the LORD called Janet and I into full-time ministry with an organization in Florida. After 10 years, God moved us to Alabama and called us into a period of living completely by faith, simply “resting and waiting” on the Lord. He provided for our every need. In 2013, Pastor William John, a longtime friend came to see us while he was visiting other contacts in the USA. That was a huge encouragement, as Pastor William has lived by faith for most of his life. After praying for 18 months, in 2015 he asked if we would partner with him, to head up a USA board for Living Hope Children’s Homes. We’ve worked with him since then.

Pastor William moved from Mumbai to Bangalore, India, about 1994. He saw the plight of the children of migrant construction workers. They begged for food, had little clothing, no clean water and no supervision while their parents worked long hours. In 1996, he founded Living Hope Association and planted a church. As it grew, William, his family and the church prayed for the children. Shortly after, they began to provide day care for a dozen or so children. They were given a meal, bathed, given clean clothes, taught at a pre-school level, and told about the love of Jesus. Still, William was burdened to do more. A couple years later Living Hope opened a children’s home with about a dozen boys and a handful of girls. At the same time, more churches were planted, they started a school for pastors, gave evangelism training, and began a ministry to widows. Today, there are 40 churches in 7 states. Pre-Covid there were 240 children in three different children’s homes, a public school for the Children’s Home in Bangalore, ongoing evangelism training and ministry to widows. It’s a substantial work, but the need in India is massive. Approximately 70-100 million people are followers of Jesus, with 1.3 billion desperately needing to be shown the love and hope found in Jesus.

For the past 5 years, it has been our privilege to raise awareness of the ministry of Living Hope and seek prayer and financial support for Living Hope Association. Recently there have also been sponsorship opportunities for the children in Living Hope Children’s Homes. Our desire is to visit Living Hope a couple times a year, taking small teams with us to serve the children and churches. Would you please pray for the nation of India and the ministry of Living Hope every day? Would you also prayerfully consider coming along side us to minister together to the least of these in the nation of India? Thank you so much for considering to do so. May the LORD richly bless you as you serve him.


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