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Preslie VanderWal

Preslie VanderWal


Hey there!

My name is Preslie VanderWal! I’m originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, but I’m currently living in Kona, Hawaii. Wow, what a blessing!

Ever since I did my DTS in 2022, I’ve continued to fall more and more in love with Jesus. I seek to serve Him and follow Him in every area of life! I’ve been marked by the Lord's heart for the Great Commission and I’m never looking back. My greatest desire is to see the gospel move forward into every corner of the Earth. 

With that being said, I’m hoping to move long-term to the Middle East next year! Within this next year, I will be taking practical steps to get to this point. This includes doing a course to help train me to move long-term and doing a CrossFit internship as a tool to move into a Middle-Eastern country. Since missions are illegal in the nation I am hoping to move to, CrossFit is an open door! 

With all these God-sized dreams to come, I’m hoping for financial partners. My monthly goal is about $2,500 with an overall goal of $30,000 a year. This covers the cost of transportation, housing, and food.

Monthly support can look like $5 a month or $200 a month! Any amount given makes a difference. I would be honored to partner with you! Thank you!


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