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Patrick & Jamie O'Bryan

Patrick & Jamie O'Bryan


Patrick & Jamie O’Bryan / His Pursuit

Over the past 30 years, God has given us hundreds of opportunities to engage men and women – from teenagers to moms and dads – in their relationships with Him. Out of those experiences, He has cultivated a passion in our hearts to invite people into an intimate walk with their heavenly Father.

Through small groups, day retreats, and outdoor experiences, we engage men and women relationally in their pursuit of God as Savior, Father and Friend. Additionally, we work with other ministries and churches to teach and help facilitate similar experiences in their environments.

His Pursuit invites each individual into a journey of living life with God and with others. And even though life is lived in the day-to-day, our settings for community intentionally engage people away from the noise of life to hear more vividly from God in an encounter with His creation.

Patrick & Jamie O’Bryan

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