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Olivia Elmes

Olivia Elmes


As Circuit Riders, we believe that our mission field is our generation. We are a Grassroots movement targeting our generation with the gospel by raising up messengers, gathering the saved and unsaved, and calling them all into an active lifestyle of gospel proclamation. Our community is based in Huntington Beach, California, and we are expanding globally to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. I currently live and work in Huntington Beach, with the CR community, from here we travel across the United States preaching the gospel in Universities, fields, houses, and communities; and training believers to be active in preaching the gospel through schools and summer training. We will reach our generation by any means necessary: through gatherings, street evangelism, media or music!

My focus in this time will ultimately be international expansion, however, there will be a period of 1 year or more where I will remain bedded at the base in Huntington Beach as we move towards planting a full-time expression of Circuit Riders in the U.K, which will be the hub of all our work in Europe. I will have a central role in leading this expansion as we start a 9 month training school, summer training schools, regular mission ‘tours’ to universities across the U.K. and Europe, and large field gatherings focused on city-wide transformation.

I want to invite you to invest in the call that God has given me by partnering with me financially. I look forward to building a relationship with you!

Olivia Elmes

Circuit Riders Staff

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