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Noelia Velasquez

Noelia Velasquez


Hey y’all!

I have been given the opportunity to attend circuit riders school this summer in Orange County, California.

Together, TLR’s Burning Ones and I will be attending this school to be trained for missions, evangelism, worship, prayer, leadership, etc. We are so excited to bring back everything we will learn to Nola, to further the Kingdom of God. We will be heading out to California on June 28th - July 5th.

This will my first opportunity in working towards spreading the Gospel, and really bringing glory and honor to the call God has placed in my life.

To cover tuition, travel, and food expenses for this trip, I am in need of $2,200.

First, I want to ask for prayers!!! Prayers for me and the burning ones team as a whole. Prayers for safety and endurance for the trip but also for the fundraising process.

Any financial donation would be greatly appreciated!

Be Blessed,


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