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Nikki Rudolf

Nikki Rudolf


My life and walk with Jesus has radically been transformed by the presence of the Father - specifically through prayer and worship. My heart now burns to see His presence transform the lives around me through Spirit led prayer and worship. My heart yearns to see prayer rooms established all across the nations. A place for the presence of God to dwell upon man, as we minister to Him.

We are headed to L.A. to establish yet another prayer room, fully believing the city will be set ablaze simply by going back to the basics of prayer, worship, and abiding with the Father. Our heart is to see people encounter God’s love through this.

Join us in partnership as we create a resting place for the Lord, whether it is through prayer of financially!

Thank you so much for your time and prayerful consideration! Beyond excited to see what the Lord does through your “yes.” <3


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