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Nick Moor

Nick Moor


Hey everyone! My name's Nick Moor and I had a radical encounter with God this summer that absolutely changed the trajectory of my whole life! But first, let me tell you a bit of my story...

I was saved in 7th grade in my middle school locker room and was so pumped up for Jesus! I wanted to tell everyone in my school about Him..which I did. After a while though, I got caught up with things of this world and really drifted in high school into college. I was enslaved in a lot of ways to the things of this world which led to depression, anxiety/social anxiety, being in bondage to certain sins, and at times wondering why I was even alive.

2 years ago God brought me back home at a men's conference and reassured me that He would be with me. And that I didn't have to do life alone. I experienced so much joy and freedom from my encounter with God at that men's conference that's hard to even put into words!

This summer, I went to a 6 and a half day summer school with Circuit Riders and had another radical encounter with the Lord! He wrecked me in a beautiful way and broke my heart for the people in this world that don't have a relationship with Him. He reminded me of everything He set me free from and how far He had brought merciful He had been to me when I LEAST deserved it. He explained that He set me apart for a purpose and wanted to use me to reach so many people and bring them to know Him. It was such a humbling experience!

I was set on going back to Circuit Riders for their discipleship training school but in early August, I felt Him ask "If it's not Circuit Riders, are you ok with that?" and I replied "Of course God!". Part of me still felt it was just my own thoughts though. Fast forward a bit and through a series of conversations and a dream from the Lord, He has redirected me to Switzerland with YWAM. I'm so excited for this next step of getting equipped as an Evangelist and to reach so many people with the gospel!

I know this is something that's going to take a lot of support on! And I believe that God will provide because I truly feel called to this. I plan on living off support so that I can focus all of my efforts on preaching the gospel and ministering to people! The Bible explains that "The laborer is worthy of his wages" and "No soldier goes to war at his own expense" in reference to people preaching the gospel. "The Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should live from the gospel."

It's a privilege to be able to go and minister to people in all nations but it's also a privilege, I believe, to be able to support people in my shoes to help spread the gospel! I invite you to take part in getting the gospel to as many souls as possible because life is but a vapor! Time is so short and I pray you have that same urgency. Any and all prayers are much appreciated as well, thank you!


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