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Nicholas Hagen

Nicholas Hagen


Hello! My name is Nick Hagen, I'm 19 and I'm pursuing missions with YWAM (Youth With A Mission).

YWAM is a missionary organization started by Loren Cunningham whose goal is to send waves of teen missionaries among the nations.

My missionary journey started on January eighth, 2023 when I attended a DTS at YWAM Lausanne. The general rule within YWAM is to know God and make Him known. My life was completely changed and I experienced unexplainable personal healing and personality change.

As of right now, I'm attending DBS at YWAM Lausanne and learned about my outreach yesterday. I don't know yet if long-term missions is my calling but I have a heart for a few different classes and leadership roles within the community.

Please pray for me and that the Lord would guide my next steps. Also, please prayerfully consider financially supporting me.

Thank you so much!


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