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Natalie Gerstenberg

Natalie Gerstenberg


Hi! My name is Natalie Gerstenberg and I am a full-time missionary with Youth with a Mission!


Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is the world’s largest missionary sending movement. We are multigenerational, multiethnic, and interdenominational, and we have over 18,000 long-term workers and send out over 15,000 short-term workers annually. “To know God, and to make God known,” is the motto that we live by. How will they know? Who will go?


My journey in missions began in the fall of 2021 with my Discipleship Training School in Kona, Hawaii at the University of the Nations. My heart was gripped for the lost and God called me into full-time missions. Since then, I have been training, being trained, sending, and being sent. I have seen God move in the Middle East, Central Asia, the East Coast of America, and my hometown, Colorado Springs.


I have served as a photographer in media, as well as training athletes to use their fitness for discipleship. I have helped train trekking teams to backpack bibles into unreached Himalayan mountain villages, and DTS students to use sports as a means of community building and loving despite language barriers and physical hindrances. Currently, I serve YWAM Colorado Springs, empowering young people in their identity and calling, as well as equipping teams to be ready to go into the hardest and the darkest places on earth. Additionally, I have the incredible opportunity of discipling my generation. We are HUNGRY and need to know the truth. God is moving in our prayer and worship nights, as well as bible studies and gatherings.


My heart primarily burns for those who aren’t sure about God- the ones who stand in the in-between and those who walk indifferently to God and His love. It’s those who don’t believe that God could possibly forgive them for what they’ve done, and those who don’t believe He could have a plan for their life. This Beloved is the most dangerous lie; that our sins, our inadequacies, and our lack of motivation are stronger than the blood of the cross. The reality is that God LONGS for deep relationships with all of His children.


As a volunteer, I rely completely on investors to come alongside me financially, and my invitation to you is that I will head down into the dark places, but will you hold the rope? I cannot go without you. Your role is pivotal in taking part in the Great Commission, and I am inviting you to prayerfully consider supporting my journey in making God known in this appointed and anointed generation!


Thank you for taking the time to read and pray!



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