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Nathan Bradley

Nathan Bradley


Hello my name is Nathan and I'm a staff member of the pioneering EBPN/OBT YWAM base in Madang, Papua New Guinea.  EBPN stands for End Bible Poverty Now and OBT stands for Oral Bible Translation.

God opened this door for me to serve the base out of nowhere when I was attending a School of worship in YWAM Kona.

Here in PNG I'm a full time staff member and I work with Media, Worship, Maintenance, and Leading out the Production team.

God has opened the door for me to teach/support the local teams in PNG how to set, engineer and also produce. Using my skills of music production I will be showing long term team members how to record and produce music and also how to record Bible-less languages into a recorded track. I'm super thankful that God is using my skills in music to help EBPN.

I need $450 USD a month in support.

This covers:


Housing- and


 If you’re willing to financially bless the work God is doing here in PNG, a big thank you comes from my heart.

Thank you for partnering with me and supporting Gods call on my life.

Much Love Nate

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