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Noah Arevalo

Noah Arevalo


Hi friends :)

My name is Noah, and I have been captivated by the love of God!

I have been following, and have had the honor to be a true friend of Jesus since I was 6 years old. My heart is for the people to know the Father, and have their own relationship with Jesus.

I can joyfully say that I am partnered with Prayer House incorporated, and we as a team desire for Gods heart to be established across the world, through prayer and worship. Resting places and beyond.

We will be going to the local churches of the nations planting prayer rooms, and bringing back the fullness of the gospel.

My dream, and prayer in this is that there will be prayer rooms in every space, and place throughout the world! There, people can go, and bask in the presence of God, morning, noon, and night, Monday through Friday.

I would love if you would partner with me financially on this journey!

Love Noah

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