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Madelyn Wideman

Madelyn Wideman


Hey y’all! My name is Maddie Wideman, and I have recently felt the call by the Lord to attend Circuit Riders’ Discipleship Training School this January! Circuit Riders' purpose is to activate a generation into salvation with awakening, and multiplication – and I know the Lord will fulfill that purpose!

There is a deep need to step in and fulfill the Great Commission, and that is the exact goal behind this DTS. Circuit Riders moves with the Spirit to pray for peers, meet others where they are, share the love of Christ no matter the cost, pray for the lost and broken, and equip the youth to do it all! The school will help all in attendance to understand the gospel greater and better articulate our testimony to be prepared to back up our “why” in faith.

This DTS will occur January 14 through June 4, and in order for me to go, I will need your immense support. The school takes place in Huntington Beach, California and during the first three months I will be learning from speakers from all around, gaining knowledge of biblical context, what it looks like to evangelize and be on mission, how to rise up to the calling of women in Christ, and utilize my voice for the kingdom. The last few months we will be on mission doing outreach; using the tools we have been equipped with in ministry to evangelize and go out to tell of what we have learned and experienced with the masses, both nationally and internationally.

All of this being said, I have a hefty goal of 13K I would like to raise ideally by the end of January, and I will need 3,500 of that by mid December. It is an intimidating number to look at and for me to even ask of, but I have felt such a peace in the Spirit that if this is where I am meant to go, then He will provide, I need only to take the action steps of asking.

The fundraising costs will go towards the lecture phase (that is the first three months) including housing, food, and transportation and the latter half which is the outreach phase where I will be going out internationally, and needing to cover travel costs and housing, food, and supplies there as well. This is not simply just about me – you as brothers and sisters in Christ are a part of this generosity as well. This school is equipping not only me, but others to share the good news of the gospel.

I am so grateful for any consideration and I would be honored if you would prayerfully partner with me to help ignite a generation into being catalysts that will touch the world. I have felt on fire to see revival happen here and now, and have others advance against the gates of hell in this generation.

Let’s move in faith to empower the Holy Spirit against the enemy and see nations changed!

Thank you for prayer and partnership of giving, and God bless you!


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