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Michandra Washington

Michandra Washington


Hello!! I am in the process of preparing for a 10 day leadership training school! This training school called CR Schools is run by Circuit Riders. I am going to be traveling to Huntington Beach, California on June 28th-July 5th this summer.

I decided to join this school because I want to be better equipped to reach my generation with the Gospel. During this training intensive I will deepen my relationship with Jesus through Bible training and worship, be encouraged to find my mission and area of need in my community or on my campus and be practically equipped to live out the lifestyle of Jesus.

During this school I will be participating in the Black Voices Movement track. I feel like I am supposed to be a part of this training school because I believe the Lord has given me a heart to reach inner city communities in New Orleans and surrounding areas. I want to be able to have tools to be able to minister and love people well. I am also wanting to just go deeper with the Lord as I am going throughout adulthood.

In order to attend this school, I’m raising $2200. I am in the process of fundraising my tuition and costs for this training school! I would love to set up a phone call with you this week to share more about this and see if you would be interested in taking this request to prayer.


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