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Margaret Waller

Margaret Waller


Starting this year, I get to be a Circuit Rider full time on staff! I am going back to Huntington Beach, California around the beginning of September. I am beyond thrilled to be going back to my Circuit Rider community. As Circuit Riders, we put on a tour called Carry The Love. This tour includes all staff and interns going across America to college campuses, carrying the love of Jesus! While on campuses, we put on events in conjunction with established college ministries such as CRU (Campus Crusade). These events include worship, a speaker, and time set apart for evangelism and ministry. We gather hundreds of students on different campuses, and we have an opportunity to preach the Gospel, minister to each student, and equip and train them on how to bring a Jesus culture to their campus. As staff, I will be leading a tour team in the spring!

This takes much preparation and prayer. To prepare means logistics. This includes calling thousands of students, getting venues set up for several college campuses, coaching students on how to host a tour stop at their college, etc. This year will definitely be way more intense, but I’m up for the challenge!

Starting in September, I will need to raise $1000 each month for a year. The way that my finances will be broken down this year is: • $300/month for food • $500-$600/month for rent • $100-$200/month for travel

I’d love for you to be a financial and prayer partner. I am very excited to be a part of this movement! As I prepare for California, I want to humbly ask you to consider supporting me financially. I’m hoping to find monthly supporters to partner with me for the year. However, one time gifts are also appreciated.

Would you please prayerfully consider supporting me during this new season–either through prayer, financial support or both? All donations are tax-deductible and directions for financial contributions can be found below.

Thank you for considering partnering with me as I prepare for this adventure. I look forward to sending you update letters on what the Lord is doing in and through me with Circuit Riders. I am excited to bring a heavenly reality to lost students across America!



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