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Moriah Wagoner

Moriah Wagoner


Hey!! My name is Moriah Wagoner, and I am a missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). My journey with YWAM has been transformative, taking me to various parts of the world where I have witnessed firsthand the power of God’s love and the impact of sharing the Gospel.

For the next season I am serving as staff at YWAM. This role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including discipling students, leading teams to different nations, sharing the Gospel, distributing Bibles, and immersing myself in new cultures. My primary focus remains on supporting students as they draw closer to the Lord and navigate the complexities of missions, especially those experiencing it for the first time.

My heart burns with a passion for missions and fulfilling the Great Commission. I am particularly moved to use my gifts in media to document and showcase the incredible work God is doing in the nations, especially in areas where people are hesitant to go. Through these documentaries, I aim to inspire others and spread the message of God’s love and power even in the most challenging circumstances.

To effectively pursue this calling, I am seeking partners who feel led to join me in this mission. There are two primary ways you can support: financially and through prayer. Financial contributions, whether as monthly donations or one-time offerings, are crucial in enabling me to cover travel expenses, equipment, and other necessary costs.

Here is the breakdown: 

I need to raise $2,000 a month and this covers: 

  • Housing on campus 

  • Transportation 

  • Outreach to the nations 

  • Medical needs 

  • Groceries / food  

Your support will allow me to focus wholeheartedly on the mission ahead, knowing I have a community backing me. Additionally, your prayers are invaluable. I humbly ask for your prayers for the missions, the team I will be leading, and our collective journey as we strive to fulfill the Great Commission.

1 Corinthians 9:14 says, “The Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel.”

For more information or to connect further, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via call, text, or email. Your partnership means the world to me, and I am deeply grateful for your willingness to join me in advancing God's kingdom.


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