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Michael Ureche

Michael Ureche


We are the Ureche family.

We are the executive directors and founders of Cultivate Network, a missions agency to cultivate kingdom laborers through the campus to the world. 

In 1787 America’s first revival started from a whispered prayer on a college campus. In 1806 a prayer underneath a haystack started America’s first missions agency. In 1886 a spark at a college retreat started the largest missions movement the world has ever seen. In the 1960’s-70’s a young adult movement blew the religious dust off of America’s church. 

In 2020 we heard the call, “Revival in the nations starts on college campuses.” We gave God our yes and pursued an open door to campuses in China…until that door closed. But the pause was pregnant with more. It’s the paradox of the Kingdom, “Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds” (John 12:24). 

We’ve spent the last few years planting grassroots missional movements among college students. 

We’ve observed the winds of missions shifting. God is sending the nations here. The average university has over 100+ people groups from the nations on its campus. 80% of them have never been invited into an American home. 

We’ve felt the ache from the next generation. Early studies estimate only 4% of Generation Z profess Jesus. We are becoming one of the greatest unreached people groups on the planet. 

But we are hopeful. We’ve seen revival in seasons past and we believe for it again. History proves, the campus is the greenhouse. It’s the opportunity to sow seeds that if cultivated and grown, will take the Good News to every corner of our cities and every crack in our culture. 

Our response is Cultivate Network. 

Cultivate Network is a missions agency that mobilizes laborers to and through the campus. What makes us distinct is that we aren’t just a ministry for college students, we are a missions agency for college students to do ministry. (Eph. 4:12)

We are currently rooted at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan with a dream to see what happens in the Green House spread to our city, region, new campuses, and the world. 

Jesus told His followers, “Lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.” (John 4:35)

We implore you, envision with us. 

What would it look if waves of equipped students flooded our cities? What if international students were not just welcomed in, but sent back home to plant churches and continue the Kingdom work?

There’s an ancient cry rumbling and an old movement awakening. It’s a movement bigger than any of us and one that will take all of us to complete. 

So we invite you. Join us. 

The Ureche Family

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