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Michael Ureche

Michael Ureche


We are the Ureche Family. 

God has called us to plant multiplying Gospel communities in every crack of our cities and in every crevice of our culture, starting with college campuses.

We believe campuses are greenhouses for the flourishing of cities. And strategic cities are incubators for reaching the nations. 

In 2020 God told us, “Revival in the nations starts on college campuses.” 

That word carried us into a season with Campus Target, a missions agency that mobilized young adults to Asia. That word transformed our living room near Western Michigan University to become a missional hub for college students and home for the lost and lonely. That word led us to pioneer a ministry at Radiant Church that equipped young adults to be Gospel laborers and light-bearers. And now, our passion for grassroots disciple-making, our love for college students, and our call to the nations is converging into something beautiful. 

Our aim is to plant ourselves on strategic college campuses across the nation and globe in order to see the next generation of catalytic leaders activated with the power of Jesus, equipped to make disciples, and sent as new waves of church-planters, missionaries, and Gospel leaders until every crack and crevice of our world is filled with the light of the Gospel. 

We believe, like revivals throughout history, God is ready to breathe on college campuses. Like Jesus told his disciples in John 4, we see white harvests on campuses across the globe. 

Now is the time. Will you join us? 

The Ureche Family

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