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Mouminatou Thiaw

Mouminatou Thiaw


All of my life, I’ve dreamed of a movement dedicated to the complete liberation and unity of this world. Liberation from trauma, oppression, slavery, greed, fear, and division. I came to the United States from Senegal when I was six with my siblings and thinking back on our lives here I’m filled with wonder by God’s protection over our lives. He made ways for my mom to raise us without wanting, with joy and love and it nurtured in me a burning creativity. 14 years later, I surrendered to Him and my dreams for a liberated world were accelerated. Now He’s opened a door for me to take action towards that dream. God’s timing is always perfect!

I believe the liberation we seek is only possible through a world-wide Jesus movement that heals and restores every heart with God’s heart. Circuit Riders will give me the means to start changing the people I reach- healing and bringing faith where God moves through me. I want to help usher in a new world where people take pride in Jesus and choose to follow him as an excellent example of a revolutionary on a mission to change the world with unimaginable love and authority!

I know that the media we consume constructs our ways of thinking about ourselves and others, and I hope to reroute our ways of thinking by creating media that holds the Glory of God so strong that people would consume it and know Him. I want leaders of the world to be leaders in faith as well.

How amazing is it that these dreams I have for my life and the world are God dreams! He planted these desires in my heart, and this summer He said to me “Your media will bring faith to many.” I will be working towards these dreams as a multimedia artist in collaboration with Him, to see popular culture, entertainment, social media, music and fashion completely reformed with a foundation of a Jesus love and a purpose to represent the Kingdom of God. His Glory and heaven on Earth!


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