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Mia Stien

Mia Stien


Hey Y'all! My Name is Mia Stien, I am 20 years old and I am a full time missionary with YWAM!

When I was 19, the Lord placed the call on my heart to go to the Nations. I had just moved to Texas, waitressing at an Olive Garden, and looking for something greater in my life. I had tried all of the worldly things, satisfying my flesh, chasing after my own desires, but nothing worked. Nothing could fill the hole in my heart; until I met Jesus.

Since February of 2022, I have lived in 3 different countries doing missions, and have grown an immense heart for the people of South America, and Europe. I Am currently located in Kona, Hawaii training with a team to launch into a full-time YWAM base In Canterbury, England. Our heart is to steward warm climate cultures into a cold climate place, and to establish Canterbury as a missions sending city, on fire for God again. We will be running local outreaches, Bible schools and DTS, as well as establishing a prayer room and worship team! For the time being, I will be training with YWAM Ships, Kona Hawaii in different offices, to prepare physically and spiritually for the launch of our Base in 2025.


1.) Pray for our team! We are recruiting YWAMERS from all over to come and join our vision in YWAM Canterbury! Pray the right people are led to join our team as we prepare to launch.

2.) Pray for a place! YWAM Canterbury is still on the lookout for a physical space. Pray not just for the right people, but for the right place.

3.) Pray for provision! When living on mission, it all comes with a cost.  Pray I am financially covered, and that the Lord provides the funds I need for the places He calls me to, at His appointed time!

PRAYER IS VITAL! I appreciate the prayer that has placed me into the position I am in now.

Thank you Guys for reading, and I Hope you are willing to partner with me to fulfill the Great Commission!


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