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Marisa Santos

Marisa Santos


Meet Marisa Mendonça Santos, a dynamic Brazilian missionary whose heart beats for serving others. For the past 20 years, Marisa has called South Africa her home, tirelessly dedicating herself to the mission field. Her journey began in 1983 when she embraced a life of full-time voluntary service with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Brazil, where she blazed trails as a pioneer in evangelism within South America before feeling the unmistakable call of God to Africa.

Drawing from her rich experiences and talents, Marisa engages in various forms of ministry with unwavering zeal. From spreading the Gospel through evangelism to offering compassionate counseling, extending hospitality, and providing general support, she embraces every opportunity God presents.

Today, Marisa leads a pioneering team dedicated to counseling ministries in Namibia under the YWAM banner. Additionally, she spearheads a transformative initiative in Worcester South Africa: the Counseling Ministry School. This school aims not only to equip individuals with Biblical counseling principles and practical skills but also to guide them through personal growth and healing. Marisa envisions a ripple effect where graduates carry forth their newfound knowledge to minister to the unreached, addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, and beyond.

As Marisa continues her mission, she invites you to join her journey, whether through supporting the Counseling Ministry School or seizing diverse opportunities to serve nations far and wide. Her commitment knows no bounds, as she pours her time, energy, and resources into answering her calling as a full-time missionary.

Join Marisa as she leaves a lasting mark on lives and communities worldwide. Partner with Gods transformative power at work in the continent of Africa partner with Marisa’s ministry.

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