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Mike & Rebekah Gervasi

Mike & Rebekah Gervasi


We are Mike and Rebekah Gervasi. We've been serving as missionaries for over 15 years and are super passionate about reaching the lost. 

We’ve served with YWAM together in Florida, Oregon and Haiti. 

After moving back from Haiti recently God highlighted to us the need for more short-term workers around the world. From our own experience we’ve seen that most long-term missionaries had a short-term experience first. Our primary focus in YWAM had been running mission trips for youth groups; this has culminated into years of experience and now understanding of how to run short-term mission trips that have long-term impact. 

So we are taking a leap of faith and starting our own organization that focuses solely on short-term missions. 


Inspiring, equipping and sending the next waves of short-term missionaries to the nations. 

Full service, gospel focused, short-term mission trips that partner with long-termers. 

Basically Next Wave plans and facilitates international and domestic mission trips so that the church can effectively share the gospel and bless those living on the field. 


Helping the Church engage with people in their area from Haitians to hunters to homeless.  

Next Wave Missions is our focus, but there is still so much that can be done locally outside of trips. We volunteer with out local church in areas of youth, website and worship. Plus we organize half day outreaches with our community to share the gospel and meet physical needs.


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We are called to practice a life of dependence upon God for financial provision. For us, this comes primarily through His people. By partnering with us financially you help us engage in ministry and missions full-time. 

Mike and Rebekah

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