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Moriah Quarles

Moriah Quarles


Hello!! I am a full-time missionary working mostly in unreached regions of the world to bring the Gospel and discipleship to those who have not heard what Jesus has done for them!

My heartbeat is purely Jesus, and to see Him get His full reward in the nations of the earth. And I believe my calling at its core is to love Him and from that place of fellowship, to bring Heaven to Earth. I also carry a heart to see the global body of Christ be unified in fulfilling the Great Commission and crying out for His return. And that is why I am moving to join a YW@M team - Fire & Fragrance Himalayas! Because they have a passion to see the people in this region on fire for worship, intercession, and ignited to be the fragrance of Christ to the lost.

I will be joining their five month DTS school (Discipleship Training School), and from there seeing what long-term looks like for me! My heart is to be deeply involved in discipling the locals who have far greater impact in reaching their own people. The FF team has a few central focuses, one of them being to disciple and equip the next generation to bring revival across the region. Another is oral Bible translation so that the unengaged people groups can really know God for themselves. This team also firmly believes in the power of prayer and worship as being central to missions, and thus all of their work revolves around the prayer room.

I have personally felt a call to pray and go to the region since 2014, and I am excited to see how I can partner with the heart of God to see Jesus glorified and light permeate the darkness!

Thank you for joining me in the mission, whatever that looks like!!

Much love,


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