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Minyae Powell

Minyae Powell


Hi! I'm Minyae Powell, God has called me to attend a 6 month discipleship training at Circuit Riders school and the Black Voices Movement in Huntington Beach California. I will be starting the training on October 1st of this year.

I have always been told by people and even God that I am called to be a leader in our generation and to get these chains broken off of our generations' lives.

I thought I was too far gone and no life or future ahead of me at many points , but God had other plans and I was led to the Lord. It has also been revealed many times that I have a calling of music on my life and I want to be able to use that gift God has given me to share His word and encourage young people like me.

When you ask me what I want to do for my future right now and even after school, I will tell you I want to be happy. That happiness is in God and His plans for me.

All the money I will need will come from fundraising, and it will go towards where I'll be staying, eating, traveling and other day to day needs.

I just ask that you would be partnering with me in prayer and donating if you can!


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