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Madi Mull

Madi Mull


Hi! My name is Madi Mull and I am 23 years old. The Lord originally called me to missions when I was in 7th grade. I remember I was assigned a book for English class titled 'Kisses From Katie', which told the story of a girl who felt the Lord call her to move to Uganda and start a school and a ministry. I remember clutching the book under my covers with my flashlight (reading way past my bedtime) and hearing the Lord tell me that He wanted me to be a missionary like Katie. I ran to my mom to wake her up and tell her the news.

The Lord has provided me with lots of opportunities to tell people about Him since He told me His calling for my life. I have had the honor of working at a Christian school in the Dominican Republic and working at a Christian camp in Hawaii, both of which have changed my life and given me so much confidence in His love for His children.

After I graduated from college last May with a degree in Social Work and Global Studies, the Lord provided me with a job opportunity in Southern California. Not knowing many people on the West Coast, I started attending worship nights at Circuit Riders, which I had heard about through lots of mutual friends. I remember feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit during worship and feeling so seen and heard in a room of people who did not know me yet. I had never experienced such a palpable presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord told me in October of 2023 that He wanted me to be a part of Circuit Riders’ Discipleship Training School. It feels surreal that I will finally be a missionary, just like He told me I would be when I was a little girl. I kept asking Him for confirmation, and He kept silencing my worries and giving me peace that this was what His portion for me was in this new season of life.

I am so excited to serve as a missionary to university and high school campuses with YWAM Circuit Riders as I attend their 6 month Discipleship Training school, beginning in October of 2024. 3 of those months I will be based in Huntington Beach, California, where I will be be taking classes and learning more about God and how I can best spread the gospel. The latter 3 months, I will be traveling to university and high school campuses and sharing about God.

Specifically, I am going to be a part of a track with Circuit Riders called Brave Love Women. This ministry is a growing movement of women seeking to awaken other women to their evangelistic voice and missional calling. I will be learning and teaching and leading alongside other women, as well as being a part of a worship track where I will lead worship alongside other classmates.

I am so expectant at what the Lord will do with my yes to Him. First, I would be so appreciative if you could join with me in prayer for the lives that He is touching through this ministry. I strongly believe in the power of intercession and I know that the Lord hears our voices, even when they shake. Second, I am asking for your financial support. As a full-time missionary, I will need to raise funds in order to provide for living expenses, tuition for training, travel, and food costs. My estimated overall cost for the full 6 months is $13,000. I am so appreciative of any donation that the Lord allows you to give, whether it be one time or monthly; your generosity can help me take part in this amazing opportunity!

Jesus is so kind! Thank you!


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