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Miranda Milo

Miranda Milo


Hi Friends!

As many of you know I have committed to being a part of the staff in Kona, Hawaii with the same Bible program I just completed, the School of Biblical Studies (SBS). I will be a part of a staff team that will be regularly teaching the Bible, leading small groups for students, and mentoring Bible students from across the world. The SBS students will study the Bible 5+ times in 9 months beginning October 1, 2021. I see great value in this school because I believe that the students who complete the program walk away transformed and ready to bring the Word to any mission field, nation, or workplace. I completed this program in July 2021 and then had the privilege of teaching the Bible for two months throughout Mexico in churches, schools, and rehabilitation centers for drugs and alcohol. I have loved my journey of knowing Him deeper and teaching His beautiful words.

In my own life, I see a great benefit in taking another year to dedicate myself to learning and studying. Now as staff instead of a student I have the opportunity to grow in my teaching and leadership as I continue to study. I believe this step in dedicating myself to equipping students in deep study of the Word will continue to build the skills I need to go teach internationally. My hope is that next summer I will be able to go to the Middle East or Asia with a team (short-term) to bring the Bible to more nations just as I did this summer in Mexico!!

Each year I ask the Lord how He wants me to train and prepare for all He has called me to do. Bringing the Bible to the nations, especially closed nations, is not a simple task. It’s not to be taken lightly as there is much training involved. But I know the great impact that one person with the truth of Jesus has on a city or village, and I know the impact a city or village has on a nation.

My job is to be ready for whenever God tells me to go to a country and teach so that cities, villages, and eventually nations can be transformed by the Word of God.


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