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Madison Lombard

Hi! I am Madison Lombard and I am a full time missionary serving with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

I am passionate about my generation knowing who God is, who they are, and knowing the Bible. I long to see the world reached. That is why I am frequently going in and out of different nations to share the gospel.
I am constantly doing different things in Kona, Hawaii and in the nations, I’m thankful for the journey God is taking me on and for what’s ahead!

With all of this being said, since I am a full time missionary, I am not able to maintain a job. My monthly support team makes it possible for me to reach people around me and in the nations and I am so grateful!

Through donations and a monthly support team, I am able to pay rent, get groceries, rent out a car to go to ministries that I am apart of, pay for gas, and pay for other life expenses. Because of people who donate, we are able to partner with God and help fulfill the great commission!


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