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Marcus Lim

Marcus Lim


I hope this page finds you well.

I have officially decided to go full time in being a missionary in building prayer houses across the world. My desire is to see the fullness of the Gospel become established in local churches, which will happen through building resting places for the Lord. I desire to see local churches burn for prayer and intercession, because if prayer doesn’t become the foundation of local churches then we have missed the point of why we are even gathering. Prayer is a relationship with God and it’s the only thing Jesus ever teaches His disciples. Through establishing prayer houses across the world within Local Churches, I believe there will be greater unity in the body of Christ. It’s all about our gaze and hearts becoming aligned with His.

Through this non-profit I believe it will become the vehicle to get prayer rooms to local churches. There has been a gap between the church and this ongoing prayer movement. We want to bridge this gap by being a funnel and resource to both ends by providing the needs to make this happen. Having corporate gatherings in the church - morning, noon, and night with prayer and worship throughout the week is the key!

If you have a heart to see local churches, regions & nations come into unity with prayer, then consider sowing a seed today. With your help we can set fires all across the world with prayer and intercession. 

By supporting this ministry, I believe we will see every local church burn with prayer and intercession by establishing these prayer rooms.

For more info you can visit - 


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