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Michael Jones, Jr.

Michael Jones, Jr.


Hi, My name is Michael Jones Jr., or MJ for short! I am a full-time missionary and artist working with The Circuit Riders. In 2020, I answered the call to become a missionary and haven't looked back since. I help bring leadership to our CR Media team and, more specifically, serve as a Content Strategist for the Black Voices Movement.


For the past ten years, I have worked as a freelance and independent artist, creating through Music and Media. I’ve traveled as a full-time missionary and creative with The Circuit Riders for the last four years. Organizing evangelistic gatherings, Preaching, and creating Social/Commercial content to reach my generation with The Gospel. Not only has this helped me hone my skills, but it’s also given me a vision of what is possible when artists co-create with God.


Alongside the work I do with The Circuit Riders, I also work as an independent artist, writing and producing music and media through my Brand ©Wiselie. ©Wiselie is a hybrid studio/brand/platform poised to be a house for powerful storytelling and call creatives to their creator. I desire to use creativity to present Jesus rightly and to raise other artists to do the same thing.

I believe God is raising up a company of Artists and Creatives who have said no to the world's way of creativity. Who long to create and produce excellent art that is full of truth and the spirit of God. Artists who are longing to create in partnership with God. Not all of these individuals will take the traditional route of going into vocational ministry, but they are poised to be evangelists in the creative industries and use art and creativity to make Jesus known.


If you are passionate about seeing a generation of young people, come to know Jesus, be trained and sent out; if you believe God is raising up artists and creatives to reach this generation through creativity; I invite you to sow financially and join my team of monthly investors.

I have a goal of $3,500 a month, which will allow me to fully serve what God is doing in the mission field around the globe through the arts. Would you prayerfully consider joining this team of monthly investors or contributing a one-time gift?


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