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Madison Hutchinson

Madison Hutchinson


Hey there! My name is Madison.

I am so excited to say that I have joined YWAM Kona (Youth With A Mission)  and will be attending a Disciple Training School (DTS) in October 2024. YWAM DTS is a 6 month training program that consists of two phases, the lecture phase and outreach phase, each phase is roughly 3 months. During lecture phase, the focus will be on knowing God, His Word and His world, with the intention of seeking transformation, a renewed mind, and personal growth. In outreach phase,  students are broken up into teams to take the message and love of God across the world.

Over the past year, I have witnessed God's heart for missions. Jesus has instilled in me a burning desire to witness the salvation of people everywhere. My ultimate goal is to spread the knowledge of Jesus and make Him known to all.

The world is yearning for the Truth. The current generations are in dire need of saving. We have the solution - Jesus! The boundless love of God has the power to bring healing, deliverance, and freedom. At YWAM, the goal is to carry out the Great Commission.

I will be traveling to Hawaii for the lecture phase and then will be sent to a foreign country to share Jesus! I need your prayer and support. I am seeking to raise $8,000, and I would be honored if you prayerfully considered joining me in the mission of bringing hope to those who are lost. Any amount helps and is so appreciated!

I have faith in Jesus for this!


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