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Micah Gniffke

Micah Gniffke


I grew up in a Christian household my whole life but never knew about the Great Commission, and how we as Christians are supposed to partake in it. I also didn't fully know the gift that having a relationship with Jesus was. So because of this, I ended up having a lukewarm faith up until around 2021 when I found out about a missions group near me called Circuit Riders.

I then started going to their worship nights and there God gave me a heart to do a Discipleship Training School with them. So in the fall of 2023, I took a break from college, spent 3 months learning about missions, and evangelizing, and continued to grow in my relationship with Jesus. The next 3 months I went on my outreach to the UK, where I got to use the skills I learned and continue to grow as a missionary.

I then went to YWAM Kona for 3 months for a fitness training school called RTC which was to equip me to trek Bibles through the Himalayan mountains in Nepal to unreached people groups.

And now I am going to the Grimerud YWAM base in Norway for 2 years to staff their DTS and lead my team on outreach for 3 months. After these 2 years, I want to continue in missions, and see where the Lord takes me.


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