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Megan Eden

Megan Eden


Hey everyone!

My name is Megan Eden, and I am a missionary with YWAM, Youth With A Mission. One of the ministries I am involved with is being on the leadership team launching a YWAM base in Portland, Oregon, YWAM PDX. The other is that I am also the Director of Justice Acts, a counter human trafficking organization. Justice Acts vision is to create spaces that revolve around the topic of counter human trafficking and by doing so, bring education and awareness to our families and communities.

I have been involved with YWAM since 2017 when I completed my discipleship training school in Muizenberg, South Africa. I honestly feel so lucky that I was able to live in Muizenberg from 2016 to 2021. I grew so much in my walk with God, my leadership style, and my world view! I am also excited to make Portland my home and create a community here!

My role within YWAM PDX is mainly leading our outreach department. We are a group of people that want to be rooted in and throughout the city of Portland. The overflowing of that is for us to partner with other organizations in the good work they are doing by spending time giving back within our team to this community. The three main avenues we feel like God is calling us into are: working in the refugee and foster care spheres as well as participating in creative evangelism. It is so beautiful to have the honor and privilege of working in a community and bringing heaven to earth.

Justice Acts is an organization focused on bringing counter human trafficking prevention into this community. JA was birthed out of South Africa, and I am now bringing it to America. We have been an organization since 2010 and have taught all around the world. We are looking at getting involved in the foster care system, school system and other organizations to help bring education and prevention. We have training materials for youths and adults.

I love being a part of both of these ministries! I am living on the support of others who believe in these visions that I am helping to walk out. Most likely with you being on this page, we have most likely had a coffee and talked about my ministry. And if we haven’t please send me a message and I would love to schedule one!

I would love if you would join my financial support team and help me accomplish so many ministry goals, I have within these two avenues! Thank you so much for your support of finances and prayer! You are an awesome human!



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