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Maggie Dee

Maggie Dee


Hello! My name is Maggie Dee and I am part of Youth With a Mission (YWAM).

I am serving on staff with Fire and Fragrance South Africa (FFSA) in Potchefstroom, South Africa. We are a tight-knit missions base whose goal is to know God and make Him known. As a community, we believe that the Great Commission must come from the Great Commandment. In other words, all missions and evangelism must come from intimacy with God. We want to see South Africa and the ends of the earth live in this intimacy with God so they can also bring it to the nations.

There are six main lanes that we as a YWAM Fire and Fragrance base run in. The lanes are prayer and worship, evangelism, training, media, End Bible Poverty Now, and mercy ministries. We did not randomly choose any of these lanes. God used both the prophetic and Scripture to invite us into partnership with His dream for South Africa. All the ministries that our base does can be put into one of these six categories.

I am currently running in the third lane, training. I have committed to staffing the Discipleship Training School in 2023 and in 2024. This six-month school was created to help people step out of comfort and complacency and into whatever God is calling them to. My role as a staff member is to disciple the students. I believe many are called to missions, and now I get to see God weave them into His story for the earth. It excites me that my part in fulfilling the Great Commission in this season is to equip these young people to go to the nations!

Please consider joining my support team! Those of us serving in the nations are not the only ones with the opportunity to sow into the kingdom. Your contribution can be an essential part of this mission, whether you give financially or join the prayer team.

May the Lamb receive the reward of His suffering. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!


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