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Mike Breneis

Mike Breneis


Dear Kingdom Builder,

I’m Mike from Salzburg / Austria. (Yes, you know that city from Sound of Music.) Since 2020 I have been a part of the leadership team of HOME Base Salzburg, a pretty colorful ministry. It is based on the Christian Catholic faith, with an open, ecumenical welcoming culture. Through a range of activities, people from different target groups across all social classes are offered the opportunity to find answers to life's questions for themselves and together with others. A living faith can also be discovered as a relevant source in the 21st century.

The focus is on:

HOME Academy – Educational programs around the topics of personal development and leadership, such as a 9-month discipleship school (postgraduate), week/end courses and an e-learning platform.

HOME Church – a church community with its finger on the pulse to communicate the gospel in a way that is relevant to everyday life and to create community. With a continuously growing Sunday service, Alpha courses, small groups, and various events during the week.

Cathedral Bookstore Salzburg city center – bookshop and concept store, which acts as a low-threshold entry point, community meeting place and event location.

HOME helps – social projects such as LaCantina (a restaurant where people who have a lot or a little can eat great food), “Food on Feet” (take-away for those who have very little) or a language café for refugees.

We feed the hungry, not just with food.

HOME Media House – manages media productions for all HOME departments, such as video productions for the e-learning platform, livestream for the church service (with a reach of several hundred thousand users on TV, radio and online), music, radio and podcast productions, graphics, book design, social media.

My job as a CEO is to run the media entity, elevate music making and worship, strategically develop the organization alongside God’s guidance, and take care of the financial framework (budgeting, controlling, fundraising).


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