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Miguel Benites

Miguel Benites


All the Glory to Jesus Christ!

Hi, I’m Miguel Benites, a full-time missionary with Iris Footprints in South Africa.

Here we take care of 35 rescued children, from the age of 3 months to 18 years old. I have served here for 2 years now and consider both the children, leadership and rest of the team as my family.

At the same time, the Lord has called me to go to the darkest places to preach the Good News. For this purpose, I have envisioned a parallel personal ministry called “Do His will ministries” through which I intend to make 1 to 3 months trips to the Middle East and North Africa or any other place where there is little or no access to the Gospel.

Every donation received will be used exclusively to sustain this vision and to pay for the travel expenses pertaining Do His will ministries, including the purchase of Bibles and humanitarian relief.

I invite you to join me in this adventure and see the Great Commission fulfilled! Let’s preach the Gospel, heal the sick, raise the death, set the captives free and start a celebration in Heaven as we bring back the lost sheep to the Father’s House.

Bless you and keep burning for Jesus, He is Worthy!


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