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Matthew Atterson

Matthew Atterson



Thank you for clicking on my letter! Before you leave this site, know that God loves you and desires to move in your life through His son Jesus. You are dear to Him.

Through extraordinary adventures, God has led me all over the world. From the underground church in Arabia to the open worship in Brazil, I have seen many miracles. Each of these places has one thing in common, Muslims. Countless men and women who desperately need the message that the King of kings has come to reign and set them free! 

In this season, I feel God lead me to pursue a Master's of Intercultural Studies with an Islamic concentration this May. To fulfill this calling, I am looking for suitable transportation to attend school and outreach to the local mosques. I am also looking for monthly supporters to help pay for school and partner for future ministry. My dream is to make a way for more missionaries to reach the Muslims for Jesus. With your help, I can get there!

The Lord has shown me favor, and I have sat in the presence of millionaires. However, I have decided to surrender and give my life to the advancement of God's kingdom to the never-reached people of the world. Would you consider partnering with me in what God is doing?

May God Bless You and Keep You!

In His Service,


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