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Margaret Amend

Margaret Amend


Hello!! My name is Margaret Amend, a full-time missionary with YWAM, in Kona, HI.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is a missions sending organization that focuses on discipling the next wave of missionaries to know God and to make Him known. Here, students are given practical tools on how to cultivate a relationship with God through the Word, worship and intercession. YWAM focuses on students experiencing a love encounter with Jesus. After, they are equipped to bring the same transforming Love and Truth of the Gospel to people groups all over the world!

I serve specifically with Fire and Fragrance, a Discipleship Training School within YWAM. Spring of 2023, I attended my DTS and was gripped as the Spirit revealed more of Jesus to me and the reality of the cross and what it did for the WORLD. God gave me a burning passion that unreached people groups around the world would come to know Him deeply and intimately. l later came to know it is His passion and this is what His heart is burning for.  As the Lord was gripping me for the lost, poor and widowed during my training phase of DTS, He was also rooting me deeper in knowledge and revelation of who He is and is to me. How worth it He is to me. “You can have as much of Me as you want; how worth it am I to you?” Were questions I wrestled with as I went deeper with the Lord.

 I went to East Asia for my DTS outreach. In East Asia, I encountered people who were desperate for something real, I understood that I had what they were looking for inside of me. The Living God who really loves them! The question was answered for me- whatever the cost or challenge, Jesus is worth it because there are people dying without knowing Him. There is a demand for people who are brave and willing enough to go. God is raising up our generation to be the answer: to give everything to carry out the Great Commission. TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH FOR HIS LOVE. 

This is why I follow Jesus and serve with YWAM.  I want to see, champion, and run with the burning ones of our generation to see the ends of the earth reached with the Gospel so that King Jesus would receive His full inheritance and be worshiped in every nation & language. I will staff Fire and Fragrance’s DTS as I walk alongside those coming to be trained and launched as well as leading teams into places unreached with the Gospel. 

In order to continue serving with YWAM, I am building a team of people who will commit to praying for me and supporting me financially monthly to cover living expenses. Would you prayerfully consider joining me financially as I continue to say yes to Jesus? I am excited to continue to yield first to His leadership as He teaches me to lead others like Him, while learning what it looks like to be a friend and student of His Spirit.

With my happy heart,

Margaret Amend :)

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