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Leighton Williamson

Leighton Williamson


Hi!! My name is Leighton Williamson!

I am eighteen years old and graduated high school in May 2022. My life was completely transformed by Jesus in July 2022. I graduated high school with the plan to pursue a degree in theatre and enter the theatrical field. While attending a ten day missions school with YWAM Circuit Riders however, God asked me to give up my idol of my ambitions and career, and dedicate my life to mission work and sharing the gospel. I gave him my yes, and have been living in the complete joy and peace of the Lord since!

In September, I am attending YWAM Kona's Fire and Fragrance school. Fire and Fragrance is extremely dedicated to intimacy with the Lord and sharing the gospel with unreached people groups. They are in pursuit of the Lord and seeing people come to know Him. During my time with Fire and Fragrance, I will spend three months in training in Kona, Hawaii and three months in another nation sharing the gospel.

In order to attend Fire and Fragrance, I am raising the money for tuition, room and board, food, and flight tickets. I work as a barista in a coffee shop, and will continue to work hard to raise the money that I need, but I am also reaching out to ask people to prayerfully consider supporting me to be a part of Fire and Fragrance. Any amount of money would be tremendously appreciated, and all of it will go into bringing glory to God and reaching His people. I also understand that the current financial times may make this difficult for people, so if you cannot contribute financially, I would greatly appreciate your prayers as I walk this out.

My life has been radically transformed by the goodness of God, and I am so, so excited to share this goodness with others! May Christ receive the honor and glory that He deserves!


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