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Lily Williams

Lily Williams


Hello! My name is Lily Williams, and I have been a missionary with YWAM & Circuit Riders for the past 4 years. After meeting the love of Jesus at age 14, I knew the only life worth living was one dedicated to follow and trust Him no matter what. I am the ever-learning product of what that looks like :)

As a missionary with YWAM & Circuit Riders, our hope is to know God and make Him know by inspiring a generation to live and love like Jesus. Whether in neighborhoods, college campuses, or village communities in a different nation, the goal remains the same: to advance the Kingdom of God. This looks like praying for strangers, preaching the Gospel in malls, having intentional conversations on subways, worshiping with our brothers/sisters around the world, and leading people to salvation in Jesus.

The reason I have dedicated my life to this mission is found in Matthew 28:18-20, where Jesus gives both a command and a promise to those who profess belief in Him. In my work alongside YWAM & Circuit Riders, I have had the privilege of leading and training teams of young people to apply this command in their "everyday" lives, as well as in other nations. From Bible teachings to evangelism training, after-school programs to preaching on university campuses, it is my life call to love well by inviting others to see and live through Heaven's eyes.

God has allowed me to travel and bring the good news of Jesus both internationally and at home, and in order to do this I need you! Prayer is both encouragement and warfare; please pray for me as I continue to follow God's path for my life, wherever it takes me.

Along with prayer, I ask that you would consider partnering with me by investing in what God is doing in and through my life. It is a great honor to work together in advancing the Kingdom of Heaven!

Here's to living & loving like Jesus.

You may also give by check, if you like. Please make checks payable to "EquipNet" and make sure you include my account Equip3825 in the Memo Section on the face of your check.

Please mail to: EquipNet, P.O. Box 860 Alamo, CA 94507

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