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Lowell & Shay Ballew

Lowell & Shay Ballew



We are Lowell and Shay Ballew. We have been married for 27 years and have three adult sons and one daughter who is 17.

The Lord called us recently to join Nations House of Prayer in Houston, TX on a full time basis. We have served in ministry for all of our 27 years of marriage, mostly on full time staff at local churches, and also served as missionaries with Ripe for Harvest in Cochabamba, Bolivia for two years. We are a family of Levites, called to lead worship and prepare spaces for worship and ushering in the presence of the Lord.

With Nations, we will be helping lead prayer and worship sets, gradually moving into a morning, noon, and night schedule. Shay will be helping develop a prophetic art ministry as well as helping create beautiful, comfortable spaces for worship, work, and ministry, both in the new Nations and Coreluv building in Houston, and beyond. We will also serve alongside the Coreluv staff members in any capacity needed to minister to local and global children, orphans, widows and the oppressed. We look forward to getting to go on mission trips with the ministry and seeing what the Lord does through worship, music, and art on a global level!

Because our desire is to serve this ministry on a full time basis, we are raising funds to support our family and pay our monthly bills so that we can eventually phase out of our current marketplace jobs. This will free us up to put in the time that will be necessary to fully engage in serving with Nations and Coreluv. It will be a full time "job"!

We are humbly asking for your prayers and financial support as we make this transition. We know that whenever the Lord calls us to do something, He provides the means, so we have full faith that the funds will come.

If you have questions or would like to know more, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Lowell & Shay

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