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Lincoln Okaji

Lincoln Okaji


Hi Guys! Im Lincoln Okaji.

I am currently serving as a full time missionary through Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Kona, Hawaii.

I first started with YWAM in 2020 when I moved to São Paulo, Brazil to do Fire & Fragrance Discipleship Training School at Dunamis Farm. After living in Brazil for nearly 1 year, I returned to Hawaii in 2021 and began a school called Foundations for Revival & Reformation.

I am now living in Kona serving as a missionary with YWAM to the people of the Big Island, Hawaii. It has been so special to get to talk to people and to hear stories from the people of the island. It has helped me to understand the culture more, especially since my grandparents were raised here.

My main focus here in YWAM is with Messengers which does evangelism training and local outreaches. My heart burns for the skateboard community to experience the freedom found only in Jesus. I've had the opportunity to help serve and build the skateboard ministry here on the island called Skatenight. Every Friday we give the city of Kona a safe place to skateboard where we pull out ramps, ledges, and rails and an opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus.

We have many other projects that we work on as well including: a skatepark clean up, bible studies with the skaters, and skatepark development to just name a few. We have seen salvation, healings, and relationships built with the local skate community and we are expectant for so much more as it is growing weekly!

If you are interested in partnering with me on this mission financially, this is the place. If you want to talk or find out more my number is 586-214-6147.


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