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Lexi Mabuni

Lexi Mabuni


There have been over 20 school shootings in America since the beginning of 2018. This statistic is alarming and must propel the Church into action. We believe that the love of God is the solution to these issues. The love of God will transforms teenagers and bring them out of depression, anxiety, hopelessness, fear, and loneliness. We have seen God move in the lives of kids to bring transformation, hope, clarity, peace, and joy! This year, we saw over 800 teenagers surrender their lives to Jesus and enter into relationship with Him.

Lexi Mabuni is being launched into the American mission field with a focus on high schoolers in our nation. She has a heart to see God take teenagers from brokenness into abundant life, to see them raised up as leaders on their campuses, to bring transformation and ultimately to see Jesus receive His reward- souls saved! Lexi gave her life to Jesus as a junior in high school and relates deeply to the need of missionaries sent onto campuses; she loves that God has given her this assignment!

Lexi is on staff for a mission’s organization called Circuit Riders. While most of their focus is on university students, Lexi’s team is focused on seeing God move on American high schools.

She and the team will be:

Staffing leadership summer camps to train and disciple high school students through relationship with Jesus.

Traveling the nation doing assemblies on middle/high school campuses to discuss issues and bring solution/ carry the Good News!

Pioneering new campuses and youth groups so that the team can extend their reach with the Gospel.

Helping to staff our discipleship training school that trains young adult missionaries in evangelism on high schools and universities.

Lexi is able to do these things with the help of financial supporters who believe in what Jesus is doing in America! Please prayerfully consider a recurring monthly payment so that Lexi can continue in the mission of God. Thank you for your generosity!

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