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Lydia Jackson

Lydia Jackson


Hi! My name is Lydia Jackson and I am a 18 year old missionary:)

I have super excited news to share that this October I will be attending Circuit Riders Discipleship Training School!

Whoop Whoop!

If you don’t know, CRX is a six-month school down in Huntington Beach, California, where I will be equipped on evangelizing and spreading the gospel to high schools and college campuses!

My why for joining this school, is because my heart LONGS for this generation to encounter the real love of Jesus and enter into a relationship with Him. To see lives transformed!  

I am also excited to grow in my own way with the Lord. Spiritually, and physically, with Jesus:) Encountering and being fully dependent on Him, and the plans He has over my life.

I want to extend an invitation to help support me and all that God is doing in my life! I am so trusting and have so much joy and faith to see how the Lord is going to provide for me. Along with asking for prayers over this new season, I wanted to also ask for partners who would prayerfully consider supporting my tuition fund for Circuit Riders!


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