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Lilly Hunter

Lilly Hunter


Hey y’all, my name is Lilly Hunter, a full-time Missionary within Youth With A Mission!

In Jan, I had the privilege to move to Kona, Hawaii to be a part of the first ever pioneering All- Women Discipleship Training School called Brave Love. Those 3 months of Lecture Phase were BEYOND Life changing and it leaves us in awe over the storyline the Lord is writing and has. Now I’m currently out in the field within South Asia, and - wow, the things in store!

This year has been such a beautiful time between the Lord and I. He has completely transformed me, I have encountered Him in a fresh new way, and He has poured His love and revelation over me of His heart. He has revealed to me the call on my life, the YES He is calling me to, and has placed such a fire in my heart for the hardest and darkest unreached places, women and children, bringing freedom in Christ and activating women.

So excited to share the YES to Long Term Missions that the Lord is having me accept and, share the invitation to be a part of what the Lord is bringing forth.

 In June, I will come back to Kona from Asia and begin my call Long Term, continue to roll with Brave Love and stepping into the things He is calling me into.  

I am so excited to invite you to join me into the call!! Thank you so much for joining with me in this, and so beyond grateful to be partnering financially and/or prayerfully. So thankful for everyone who has been partnering.

But friends, In order to step fully in, I need to build a team of people who want to FINANCIALLY and prayerfully sew in me and join me for reformation in the nations!!  

Are you willing to join me in saying yes to the invitation to partner?

I am in need and believing for about $2000/a month for:

- Housing/ rent

- Food/ living

- Insurance/ etc

- Transportation

- Travel/ flights

-Ministry/ gear

If you would like to consider joining with me financially with a one-time or a recurring donation towards the monthly costs, you can do so here and receive a tax deduction.

So thankful to have your partnership in the storyline the Lord has. Please reach out with ways I can lift you up, or any questions etc.


Lilly :)

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