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Louis Dunham

Louis Dunham


Hello, my name is Louis and I am the founder of the Legacy Project. Legacy is a media ministry that is centered around capturing and preserving stories for generations to come.

In 2016, I was sitting in a home with two friends as they began to share back and forth these amazing testimonies of God showing up in their lives. I began to think about the power of our testimonies, how much they strengthen our faith, and how so many of our testimonies are lost when we pass away. In that moment God spoke to me very clearly and said “Louis I want you to start recording testimonies” He gave me a vision of testimonies being captured, preserved, and accessed forever and I named it Legacy.

Immediately after, I began my journey sitting down with believers and creating digital records of the testimonies that they have of God showing up in their lives to be preserved within their family forever. After a few years of capturing testimonies, in my own personal life I began struggling with the fact of never getting to meet my grandparents. Unfortunately both of my grandparents lost their lives to cancer at a young age and because of this I never received an opportunity to meet them and my family knows very little about our history. I began to not only capture testimonies but I also began to capture history of peoples lives by creating documentaries to be preserved within their family.

In 2021 I walked away from my career to purse the Legacy vision full-time but first I attend the Los Angeles Film School to sharpen my skills as a filmmaker. As the end of my film program was approaching, I started seeking God on whether I was ready to launch the Legacy project.

During this time I was attending a Christian home ministry in Orange, California named of Cedar House. One day I was approached by a woman who knew nothing about me, asking if she could share what God was showing her about me. She began to share with me that God had given her a vision of me - sitting down and interviewing people capturing their life history and testimonies of God, and she kept hearing the name Legacy. She continued to share in detail the entire Legacy vision. It was as if this lady had been watching me since 2016! I knew right away that this was a divine moment of God speaking directly to me confirming this vision and saying “Son your are ready”

A few months later I finished school, packed all my life down into one bag and left California to start Legacy. I began traveling the world being supernaturally led by the Holy Spirit meeting amazing people and creating Legacy documentaries for them along the way. My goal is to create as many Legacy videos for as many families as I can. I am truly enjoying the adventure along the way. For every person that I am honored to create a Legacy video for, ensures that generations of descendants will know their grandparents and hear their testimonies of God.

The Legacy vision is self-funded but I come across many people who wish to sow into what God is doing. All funds are used for the operation and innovation of Legacy as well as supporting me as a missionary on the mission field.


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