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Louis Dunham

Louis Dunham


Hello, my name is Louis, and I am the founder of Legacy. Legacy is a faith-based video project dedicated to capturing and preserving stories, testimonies, and history for generations to come. We travel the world in search of amazing individuals who have dedicated their lives for the sake of the Gospel.

At Legacy, we create interactive documentaries that serve as a tribute to these remarkable individuals and their families, ensuring that their legacies are remembered within their own households and shared with the world, forever.

In 2016, I felt a calling from God to record testimonies, prompting me to seek out anyone willing to share their stories. In 2021, I took a leap of faith and left my Air Force career to study filmmaking in Hollywood, California, enhancing my skills as a filmmaker. After studying in Hollywood, I had the privilege of serving as a missionary in the Pacific region, and I continue to do so to this day. Combining my passion for filmmaking with my calling as a missionary brought the Legacy project into full circle, empowering me to travel the world and share the love of God through the gospel, while faithfully preserving the inspiring stories of the people I am divinely led to.

Today, with the support of a dedicated team, we serve as missionary filmmakers, traveling the world with a backpack and camera, led by God to discover amazing individuals deserving of recognition through the Legacy project. Along this journey, we are not only capturing and preserving inspiring stories, but also finding people to love and share the message of Jesus with. Our dedicated team is passionately committed to capturing and preserving these incredible stories, while also serving as a beacon of hope through the love of God along our journey.

Your generous donations make a significant impact on our ability to cast this net wider, capturing and sharing these incredible stories, helping us spread the Gospel worldwide. By supporting Legacy, you contribute to the global reach of our mission, touching hearts and changing lives. Every resource provided to us is used exclusively for the Legacy project and to fund Christian missions worldwide, amplifying the message of hope and salvation.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for becoming part of our close-knit family, embarking on this awe-inspiring journey of capturing, preserving, and sharing the extraordinary legacies of those whom we are divinely led to. United, we have the power to create an enduring impact that resonates through the ages, igniting the spirits of future generations to confidently walk in the footsteps of faith.


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