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Lexi Distel

Lexi Distel


Hi everyone!

My name is Lexi and I’m serving with Fire & Fragrance at YWAM (Youth With A Mission)!

YWAM is an organization where we equip and train young people to live out the calling the Lord has assigned to them, and then take it into the nations! The motto, so evidently represented at YWAM, is “To know God, and to make Him known”, which is exactly what we do! To be discipled, and to disciple.  You learn about the opportunities waiting on the other side of your “yes”, ways to serve wholeheartedly in different communities, how to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus, the permission to say YES to whatever the Lord is asking you to do, and how worthy He is to lay your life down for the kingdom!  

When I did my DTS (Discipleship Training School) with Fire & Fragrance at YWAM Kona in 2023, my eyes were opened to not only the brokenness of the world, but that there is a solution- the Gospel! I used to have goals and dreams that aligned with what the normal “American dream life” would look like to the world, but at the end of the day my heart and soul were still unsatisfied. I was consumed by materialism, addiction, selfishness, unhealthy relationships, and an idea of a life that would only leave me wanting more of the wrong things. These are common characteristics this generation is consumed by. It wasn’t until I truly accepted and understood the love of Jesus, that I learned the trajectory of my life would be completely changed for His good and for His glory! I learned how important discipleship, community, education, and accountability in my walk with the Lord really is. And YWAM showed me just that.

Fast forward to today, I can confidently say that I now carry a passion for discipleship, carrying a missional mindset, and true intimacy you can have with Jesus!

I am so sold out, leaving behind my old life to pursue missions and chase after Jesus in any way I can. I give all of the Glory to God for gripping my heart and telling me to “GO”.  He has such a beautiful way of hand-writing our stories!

That all being said, to be able to make this commitment to pursuing missions, I am in need of fellow brothers and sisters who want to help fight for a change in this generation, and partner with God in doing so! This is an opportunity that means so much to me in every way, and a career that won’t just benefit myself, but so many others!

Please prayerfully consider partnering with me financially to help support me in the calling the Lord has placed over my life! I am believing for a change in Gen Z, America, and all of the nations until all have heard the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

My goal is $1,200 per month which would go to:

- Housing/rent ($400/ month)

- Food (groceries, cafeteria fees, etc)

- Transportation (locally and flights)

- Self-care (toiletries etc)

- Savings!

I would be so blessed to have you be a part of my journey and community, through prayer and/or finances!

Much Love,


Phone: +1 (248)-496-8318


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