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Lillabea Cochran

Lillabea Cochran


Hello! My name is Lillabea!

After serving international ministries throughout the world, my heart was gripped for America and the American Church. A friend shared with me about Circuit Riders Movement and after watching one or two videos on their website, I was overcome. I applied to be a student in their discipleship training school in order to train for the nationwide university and high school campus tour called Carry the Love.

Carry The Love is a grassroots campaign to inspire our generation to love like Jesus. It’s simple. It’s a two day event on each campus- day one being the primary gathering where the gospel message is shared and worship is held, day two being a day meant for evangelism and equipping students to keep the movement of God that was birthed alive and active! Thousands were gathered, thousands saved, hundreds healed, and hundreds baptized. It’s like the book of Acts twenty first century edition!!

After the Carry the Love 2019 tour, I have felt the Lord call me back to continue to invest in this movement across America as staff for Circuit Riders. In the fall I’ll be a house mom to students during the fall discipleship training school, aiding media courses, learning more about messaging under our Brave Love communicators, which is our women’s ministry, helping plan Southern California regional monthly Brave Love gatherings, pioneering a first ever Brave Love nationwide tour, planting Brave Love chapters on college campuses, all in addition to helping coordinate and prepare for the 2020 university campus Carry the Love tour to lead up to the spring! Starting in January, I will be a leader for the Carry the Love tour where I will be one of the hosts and communicators on event nights as well as a Brave Love messenger.

I believe in this with all I’ve got and it’s my joy to invest in the revival of our generation!

As I’m stepping in to this season of full time ministry, I’m inviting YOU in to partnership with me! If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

Thank you in advance for your love and support!! Peace and love be with you and yours!


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