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Lilly Bishop

Lilly Bishop


Hello! My name is Lilly, and I am a vessel for Gods work. 

I began my transformation in July of 2022. Up until then I had spent 7 years of my life in drug and alcohol addictions. I had lost so much of myself, lost all hope and just wanted my life to be over. In my darkest moment seated on a bed in a drug house God pulled me out. He gave me the strength to leave that place and head off to 7 months of rehab. 

I joined Youth With A Mission in September of 2023 when I took a plane to Kona Hawaii and embarked on a 6-month Discipleship Training School. The first 3 months were full of intensive lectures and spiritual growth and learning. In December my team and I hopped across the world to a wild country called Papua New Guinea where I have currently been for 6 months. During this time, we have handed out hundreds of Bibles, prayed over thousands and have ministered to countless more. Currently I am a part of pioneering a young base here in Madang. My days include a lot of office work and cooking and cleaning. Our base is holding an Oral Bible Translation school right now where we have 30+ locals from 5 different villages who have come to partner with us to get the book of Ruth translated into their mother tongue. We also have a DTS beginning July 1st where more locals will come to join us to further their own relationship with Christ just like I did. 

I will be headed home for a short visit the month of August then headed back here to PNG to finish off the year. During my time here I plan on beginning Bible college online through YWAM. The course I am going to be doing is called the School of Biblical Studies (SBS). In person, the school is a 9-month intensive where you read the bible front to back 5 times. I'll be doing this same course, but online, so it will take a bit longer, naturally. 

In order to follow the plan God has for me in this next chapter of life, I am seeking those that would like to partner with me in the Great Commission. 

There are a couple of different ways to do this! You can join me as a monthly supporter, a one-time supporter or just as importantly, you can support me through powerful prayer as I embark on another strenuous 5 months in this foreign country. Prayer support is always needed as I have come across many challenges adapting and more health concerns like malaria. 

Thank you for joining me as I follow the path the Lord has set out before me!


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