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Lauren Batiz

Lauren Batiz



My name is Lauren Batiz and I am so excited to have been blessed with the opportunity to attend Circuit Riders Ministry Training School this summer in Orange County, California!

After seeking the Lord’s will, He revealed this training opportunity to better equip me to fulfill all that He will do within my life, community and ultimately - His kingdom! Here, I will be trained for missions, leadership, evangelism, worship and prayer. I will be specifically be training within the “Black Voices Movement” track. I chose this track because I believe in the power of the gospel and I also believe that there should be more minorities spreading it. Being a Bi-racial woman - the Lord has filled my heart to minister to black and brown communities in New Orleans and beyond. My goal is to encourage them to seek first the kingdom, trust His unfailing plan for their lives, and to use their voice to spread the gospel and bring people to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Collectively- I, along with TLR's Burning Ones (Young Adult Ministry) will be heading out to California June 28th - July 5th. My hope is that you, along with others, support & partner with me by joining in this journey through fasting, prayer and/or financial contributions. How can you support?

1. “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thess 5:16)

Please pray for our team and other students participating. Pray for safety, support, and opportunities to continue to spread the gospel. Pray for our hearts to be open and willing to give our “yes”- no matter the cost.

2. Please share with others so that they too can be in prayer and in expectation.

3. Donate: Be a Cheerful Giver!

My individual goal is to raise $2200.00 which will cover tuition, travel, and food. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated and blessed. I thank you in advance for any donations, prayers, or loving support messages. I thank everyone who has mentored, spoke a word of encouragement, or championed me to this point in my walk with God. I’ve been so blessed by what the Lord has already done in my life and cannot wait to share what he reveals and does after this!!

May the Lord bless and keep you always,


And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of the things that were spoken to her from the Lord” (Luke 1:45)

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