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Kylie Tyler

Kylie Tyler



First off, thank you for partnering with me to carry the love of Jesus across America with the Circuit Riders. I truly believe we can see a change in the young people of America and see them set on fire for the Gospel!

The first time I truly encountered Jesus and His real love, I was a senior in high school, and it was at a Carry The Love event, a few days after they had done an assembly at my school. And man has it been a wild journey since then. But for me, the best part of what I do is getting to be apart of the event, and the group that changed my life. They showed me Jesus for who He really is and how He really loves, He’s selfless, forgiving and loves us unconditionally. And I’m so blessed, and still in awe that this is what God has called me to do. To carry His love, and the Gospel with the same group that carried it to me when I was a high schooler! I have been able to share my story in our assemblies and even in one on one moments with so many young people, and just been able to pray with them and share my heart for Christ.

I am officially on staff with the Circuit Riders and I have some amazing opportunities this year! I will be spending most of my time with our CR Youth team and we have a ton of stuff planned for this coming year! We’ll be doing so much with local high schools in SoCal, across the country on tour and just empowering young people everywhere with the message of the gospel! I’ll be personally working doing all of that, PLUS using my media gifts to really do a ton with CR Youth and all of our media dreams! I’ll also be apart of our upcoming fall AND spring Circuit Rider schools by leading in the messenger track, the same track that changed my life this last fall. In addition to all of that, us as staff will also be attending Field Training! Field Training is about going deep into the study of the Bible and then practically living that out through real projects. It is a secondary school that is something all of our staff members get to do! Each student will be pushed to study and understand the Bible like never before and then given real opportunity to work on project teams to see impact in the area they most have passion for. I’m still in awe at his goodness and how blessed I am to be able to give my life to full time missions and sharing the Gospel in the way that I do. As a full time missionary, I am fully dependent on the generosity of my friends and family making kingdom investments into what God is doing through my life. My heart burns to continue to preach the gospel, do media, as well as train and raise up other young leaders who have the same passion.

Thank you for your yes to God and your yes to investing in not only me, but into a Jesus movement in our nation. If you have any more questions or want to talk about what I’m doing, you can email me at

Much love,


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